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Women's Surf Camp in Costa Rica: A Soul-Changing Experience

All year, you’ve been taking care of your family, friends and job. But, important question: what are you doing to take care of YOU?

Would you like to enhance this year by learning (or improving) your surfing skills, relieving job/pandemic/life stress, while connecting with other women in a tropical paradise? Of course, yes!

That’s why we’ve put together a surf camp for women that takes place on the glorious, unspoiled beaches of Dominical, Costa Rica. You’ll be surrounded by interesting ladies from all over the world, learning to surf, plus choosing from a ton of activities—like adventure tours and yoga—to round out an unforgettable week dedicated to your wellness.

Dominical Surf School is the only surf school in Dominical founded by a local, female competitive surfer. We’re committed to creating a space for other women to experience this life-transforming connection with the ocean. Let’s get you back in touch with your authentic, adventurous side!

A place to connect with other awesome women surfers

When women get together, magic happens. A women's surf camp is a safe space full of powerful feminine energy where you can be yourself while creating lifelong connections with new friends from different countries and backgrounds. The ladies that you’ll meet at our retreat will be some of the most interesting people you'll know. Whether you decide to attend surf camp with a buddy or by yourself, we promise that by Day 2—you’ll be connecting with extraordinary women, sharing meaningful conversations, while having mind-opening and body-strengthening experiences on the water.

Conquer yourself by conquering the ocean

There's something powerful about learning new things. You have the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone by challenging everything you know about yourself. By conquering the ocean, you start conquering yourself through discipline, new skills, self-reflection, relaxation, and community.

Pura vida: Connect with nature and a simpler way of life

There’s something about the sensation of sitting atop your surfboard, buoyed by the swells of the Pacific Ocean while the Costa Rican sun warms your skin, that puts life in perspective. Our women surf campers often find that they learned to surf, but more importantly, they re-discovered a passion for the simpler things in life. That’s the essence of the 'Pura Vida'-Costa Rican lifestyle that our busy lives are sometimes missing.

Because you'll be supporting local, women-owned business

Debbie Zec Surf

Dominical Surf School is proudly woman- and locally-owned by Debbie Zec and we’re committed to supporting other women and Costa Rican-owned businesses in our vibrant community. When you choose to join our retreats, your dollars create a positive impact on the sustainable development of our home - Dominical beach, our country of Costa Rica, and the lives of our local employees and local partners.

Because you'll learn to surf, of course

At the end of your transformational week at our Women's Retreat in Dominical beach, you’ll have the confidence and skills to be paddling out and catching waves independently—and probably hooked on this amazing sport. But, as you’ll soon experience, learning to surf is much more than learning to catch some waves—it’s a soul-changing experience!

About the camp

Our Women Surf Camps in Dominical Beach, Costa Rica will start soon. We have sessions beginning on November 23rd-30th (2022), December 10th-17th -(2022), January 7th-14th -(2023), Feb 4th-11th (2023).

Curious, but still have questions? Get in touch with our friendly staff here:

Take a look at our videos!

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