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  • Is Dominical Beach a good place to learn to surf?
    Dominical beach is well know internationally for its famous waves, as any other location it can be a perfect surf spot as it can be a dangerous one, let us explain why. As a beginner you must take precautions on when and where you learn to surf, there are many factors that can make a beach dangerous or suitable for the practice of surfing. Dominical is a great spot to learn to surf if you have the right set up, tides play a huge role on the right timing to learn and it's vital that you go surfing at the right times. In the pacific of Costa Rica we have drastic tide changes every 6 hours. Whether you are surfing Dominical or any other location having a basic understanding of the tides will make the difference between good surf and bad surf. When you decide to take a lesson with us there is nothing to worry about. We know Dominical and surrounding surf spots to perfection and we can assure you that your safety is our main concern, we would not do any lessons if the conditions are dangerous. We will always choose for the right tides, the right equipement and personalized attention so you can learn as much as possible and can become independent and feel safe with just a few classes.
  • I'm visiting solo, can I join a class or a package?"
    Absolutely, we have plenty of solos travelling to stay and/or surf with us and they have a great time. Dominical is a super friendly/sociable place, so are our staff members and accomodation partners. You will have a great time in town!
  • I have surfed many times and I'm interested in intermediate/advance coaching
    At Dominical Surf School we take pride on being the most specialized and tecnical surf school in the area. As you may have seen there are plenty of options to choose from, but if you like to take surfing seriously and to the next level then the desicion is clear. Our crew is ready to provide you with feedback after each wave and to explain you in land and in the water how to perform to reach your highest potential. Having a background in professional surfing competitions, plus working with different surfing schools around the world we have gather tons of techniques and information that our competition is lacking. Feel free to reach out, lets have a chat and see where you are at, and lets get you to move forward with our tailor made surf programs.
  • What is a Surf Camp Package?
    Our Costa Rica Surf Camp packages are semi all inclusive deals. The idea is to offer and intensive surf course where we have arranged all the logistics so you don't have to stress about anything. Just get your self over to SJO or Quepos Airport and we'll take care of the rest. With our Costa Rica Surf Camp Packages (or Surf Vacations Packages) you can expect the following: - 7 night Accommodation at our partner hotels. - Pick Up and Drop Off from the airport - 5 Surf Lessons + Weekly Board Rental - 2 Photo and video analysis sessions (surf correction) - Adventure tour to Nauyaca falls or Hacienda Baru Zip Line - 2 x Therapeutic Massages at Alegria Spa - A souvenir from Dominical Surf School Of course this is modifiable, if you like us to add or remove any items we are happy to customize this package to meet your needs and expectations. Feel free to reach out to modify or create your own Costa Rica Surf Camp Package.
  • When is the best time to visit Dominical?
    Costa Rica has 2 seasons, rainy season and dry season. We reccomend the dry season because obviously the weather is nicer, this is from December to July. From August to November it can get a bit messy let's say. Much storms, rains and sometimes even hurricanes, bringing tons of river water into the sea and making it cold, choppy and messy. We normally close our camp in the raininest months but stay open for lessons if weather allows.
  • We are travelling to Dominical with our family
    That's fantastic, Dominical is an amazing place and there is attractions and entretainment for the whole family. Most popular attractions in Dominical: - Nauyaca Waterfalls - Villas Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary - Whale Tale (At Marino Ballena National Park) - Hacienda Baru (Trails and Zipline) - Monkey Ride ATV tours - Reptilandia Park - Surfing of course - La Parcela restaurant during sunset - Rafting - SUP ann Kayak tours the the Baru river - Manuel Antonio National Park (40min drive) If you need a babysitter get in touch, we know 2 amazing ladies that can take care of the little ones. If you need any advice or help planning your trip, feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to assist you!
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